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„A Hyatt egyik évtizedekkel korábbi vendégének emlékei"

A -ban 2022 február 18-án a Hyatt – Sofitel 40 éves évfordulójára készített honlapról Kovács Istvánnal készült riport jelent meg. Ennek híre eljutott a hotel egyik korábbi, az Egyesült Államokban élő vendégéhez, Toth Judy Ilonához is. Az évtizedekkel korábban – az Atrium Hyatt hotelben többször megforduló vendégünktől - két napon belül az alábbi néhány soros mailt kaptuk az ott szerzett emlékeiről, élményeiről.”

Hi, it took me awhile to answer, looking for photos... I only have one it was taken by the elevator, u cant really see much.. It was on the VIP floor, we usally stayed 4 or 5 weeks... My mom,wouldn't go anyplace else... At that time i went under Judy Kenna, i had the best time in my life.... Soon as u open ur doors, we were there... I been to other hotels all over, u could say, but yours was the best... Very clean, people were super friendly... There was a blonde girl at the concierge desk, Marian, i think, dont know her last name, my daugther like her the best.. And Peter in your restaurant.... I really dont remember the last names... I am enclosing some old pictures, she was around 8 or 10....its been 40 years, god I can not beleive it.. I loved the restaurant by the balcony,... George Stiller and Rajcsanyi Geza, did the outmost at the front desk.. They will never have an other hotel like the Hyatt at that time... U could redo everything, make it up to date, but u will never have the same atmosphere as at that time.... maybe its me, I was young, but the warmth was there... The christmas tree they put up in the room, things like that never forget...


I wrote u in english, because my Hungarian is not the best!!!

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